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Need to increase sales and reduce costs? It's all so simple....

Perfect for businesses of all sizes including new start-up ventures

Find Customers, increase your sales

Find companies/individuals who are looking to buy your products/services. Filter your search to find the exact type of client you are looking for and then send them your offer or price.

Additionally, select your company to be shown automatically to any potential client that is looking for your services.

Efficient promotion and sales growth, giving you more time to run your business.

Find Suppliers, improve your procurement and reduce costs

Everyone business needs to reduce costs without compromising reliability. Simply add your requirements to the Pertracker requirements and receive quotes from potential supplies.

Your enquiries are anonymous - suppliers can only view your location and requirement and have no direct contact details to start wasting your time with sales calls and pointless meetings. Use the Pertracker purchasing tools to negotiate online with potential suppliers, find the best price and when you are happy and assured, release your contact details to the supplier for further negotiation.

Find networking partners and events

Need to promote your business, find more clients, showcase a new product or service?

Simply hire a local venue and create a new event with Pertracker. Send invites to your target customers and wait for their rsvp's. Alternatively, potential clients may find your event and ask to be invited - you decide who will attend by accept or rejection messages.

A local business event will attract members - businesses like to network and increase their contacts.

If your service or product has a nationwide appeal, you can set nationwide events, one after the other maximising your exposure.

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